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Aggressive Criminal Defense

We are a results-oriented trial litigation firm and strive to offer our clients the best criminal defense possible. It is our policy to respond to all criminal charges with a relentless attack on the government. We aggressively pursue every case as if we were the accused.  

Many law firms try to obtain success for their clients by negotiating deals and begging the government for agreements. We are not negotiators and we do not take cases with the goal of reaching cooperation deals. Instead, we seek success for our clients by attacking every charge, breaking it down with relentless litigation and, when appropriate, proving to a jury that our clients are not guilty under the law.

In every case, we attack the government whenever it seeks to threaten the liberty of a client. Through careful evaluation, relentless preparation, and aggressive litigation, we strive to find ways for our clients to beat the government and overcome whatever charge is brought against them.

Our record of success speaks for itself. 



Beau Brindley is the firm's founder and primary litigation counsel. He has tried and won criminal cases throughout the country and argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. Known for his relentless and aggressive style, Brindley has built a reputation for success.



Michael Thompson has spent his entire career at the firm, serving as Beau Brindley's primary trial partner. His thorough analysis of evidence and keen insights have helped dozens of defendants prove their innocence and win their freedom.

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Blair Westover has dedicated her career to tackling the toughest issues in legal research and writing. Her scholarly skills have long been the firm's secret weapon for winning appeals and complex motion practice.

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